Most likely it was founded by the Romans in the 4th century. And from the very beginning of its existence that had an economy that was based mainly on the resources of the sea, because rocky soil didn’t offer many things.
Probably this is reason why Amalfi became a very important maritime commercial Town and the first Sea Republic of Italy.
After several dictatorships suffered by the small town, by the Byzantines, then by the Saracens, in 839 it was declared “independent Duchy of Amalfi”, they had the opportunity , to decree their legislature, its own laws, and, most important, to be able to coin its own currency, it called the TARI .

The next two centuries, Amalfi became industrious and prosperous city, that dominated most of the Mediterranean sea, in the marketing of fine fabrics, spices and ivory in the manufacture of these products. Thanks to the local craftsmen, all the objects, became valuable with their art and mastery, and appreciated by almost the villages around, closer and far. Being the first and most powerful Marine Republic of Italy, was equipped with an imposing naval fleet, and this is the reason why was necessary to the existence of a shipyard, other industry supporting the city. Unfortunately, the desire for power and wealth of artisans and shopkeepers, gave rise to conflicts , against each other, causing confusion and discontent in the population, giving way to Robert Guiscard, the Norman duke powerful and smart, to take advantage and become the bad ruling.

Since that moment Amalfi became a battleground where enemies of Guiscard attempted to defeat him. These events and natural disasters, caused the exodus of all the rich families to Naples, and many others people to America. At the beginning of 19th century, the city comes from the dark period to become Amalfi that the whole world knows. Artists such as Erik Ibsen (A DOLL HOUSE) and many others have found in Amalfi, the place where stimulated their own inspiration, to create works.

The work of no less importance was the realization of the main road that connects Amalfi to the two big cities of Naples and Salerno. Road designed by Joseph Bonaparte, made by Joachim Murat and Ferdinand II of Bourbon. The natural beauty of the place and the splendor of the works of art such as the Cathedral of S. Andrea, which dominates the main square of the village, are the elements that will make you live a moment rich in culture.

Transfer service to Amalfi coast

  • Transfer service to Amalfi coast
  • Transfer service to Amalfi coast
  • Transfer service to Amalfi coast

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