Our tours in Sorrento allow you to visit all the beauties of the area in total comfort and relax, giving you the best overview of the entire coastline and peninsula.
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Sorrento is certainly not the only possible destination, we offer combined tours thanks to which you can visit more destinations, by consulting our page you can learn in detail our combined tours, reaching even the nearby destinations.
Remember that you can choose between a tour that includes two destinations and another that includes three; they can also be like day tours and the first tour, the one from two destinations, takes about 4/5 hours, while the tour from 3 destinations takes 8 hours.
During the daily visits there is also a refreshment stop in the typical local areas where you can taste all the delicacies of the Amalfi coast, prepared with fresh and genuine products, typical of the area, to really do a full immersion of natural beauty, tradition and gastronomy .
Our tours are not available for groups, this means that we do not collect people for the excursions.
we organize only private tours for Families, Individuals and group of friends and from different destinations.
Day tours can be organized starting from Naples but also from Rome, in addition to daily cruises. This will allow you to simplify your organization by having the possibility to choose different points and starting methods.
Those who choose our tours have the opportunity to get on board and join our excursions directly from the ports where the cruise ship docks.
Our tours are really an added value to the wonders that you will visit, you will be pampered and guided in enchanting places with unforgettable colors and scents.

Main site of Sorrento Peninsula, Sorrento Aristocratic town is one of many tourist destinations of this area, already at the time of his birth, thanks to its natural beauty, art and traditions.
Founded by the Greeks likely, it lies in a strategic position, and this the reason why always, has been sought after and dominated by different populations, Romans, Byzantines, Lombardi, and finally followed the fortunes of the near Naples, but of all these populations is always managed to incorporate art and culture of them, and doing of them into a priceless treasure.

The name, Sorrento, seems to be linked to myth of the Sirens, mythological figures who tried to charm the sailors with their singing and forcing them to shipwreck on the coast of the Sorrento peninsula. As narrated by Homer in the Odyssey, Positano and Sorrento have in common the legendary story of the Sirens tried to enchant Ulysses. Rich of historical sites also assumes importance for its monuments and history related to them, such as the cathedral of the 1400, elements that blend into themes Renaissance, Gothic and Byzantine. The Cloister and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi dedicate to him, the Correale Museum where you can see Neapolitan art collections, objects found during archaeological excavations of the area.

The home of Torquato Tasso sorrentine poet, famous in the world, it was the villa owned by Mastrogiudice (noble family of Sorrento), located on the “PROSPETTO”, that is, on stretch of coast that runs from the Church of St. Francis to the hotel Syrene. The villa was destroyed because it was built on a ridge of tufa that collapsed into the sea, it’s remained just a room with two arches and balconies. On the same stretch of coast was built Hotel Tramontano, where the remains villa’s of the famous poet, was merged, with other ruins of the Roman villa existed and that perhaps there was a continuation of the great villa of Agrippa Postumus.

The rich craft traditions Sorrentino has been increasingly perfected, and it became one of the Sorrento’s economy strengths, rich touristic attraction, offering a myriad of local products such as olive oil, lemons famous around the world for the production of the limoncello liquor, and inlaid woodworking known as intarsia.

Walking through the narrow streets of Sorrento, it is impossible cannot perceive the past that seeps from the walls of ancient palaces, is a sensation not to be missed.

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