The capital city, a city that give birth an unmatched civilization. A city so important and beautiful that still today have the magical name of the “Eternal City”.

The origins of the most important state of the classic ancientness are lost in myth, history and legend. According to tradition Rome was founded by Romolo in 753 B.C. who was one of the 7 kings of Rome before the establishment of the Republic. After a period of plots and wars inside and outside Rome Giulio Cesare in 49 B.C. crossed the river Rubicone with his army in order to establish a period of peace and becoming the first dictator of Rome. After the murder of Cesare in 44 B.C. Rome returned under the republican Senate’s power, which was contrastated by Marco Antonio.
When Marco Antonio was defeated in Egypt he committed suicide in 31 B.C. and began the era of the Emperors with Ottaviano adoptive son of Cesare, he assumed the absolute power with the title of Cesare Augusto. Since then the emperors follow each other incessantly until the deposition of the last Emperor of the west Romolo Augusto in 476 A.D. This little historical introduction needs to understand the importance of the places to visit in Rome beyond the ancient art of the Romans.

In the eternal city you have also the possibility to visit an artistic heritage of incomparable beauty left by popes and rich merchants during the centuries. Of course to be the city which hosts the holy see, place of worship for millions of Christians, helps to create around Rome a mysterious atmosphere, multicultural and magic. It’s impossible not to be fascinated by Rome and its beauties.

Now you know that is impossible to explain all the artistic beauty of the capital city, that’s why visit Rome is a Most.

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  • Transfer service to Rome

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