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For the "Amalfi coast addicted" every coastal country should not simply be visited, but it must be lived: only then will it be possible to enjoy the beauty of this piece of earthly paradise. But what does it mean to "live the Amalfi Coast"? For some it means not just to see its attractions (monuments, churches, etc.) but rather dive into its daily life, its streets, its shops; For others it means confusing with the locals, attending the places they love, that they feel like theirs; For others it means knowing the legends and stories that are part of traditional culture; For others it means taking on the habits of people who have lived there for ever; In short, it means feeling at home and at home! How can this happen if you do not taste the dishes, the sweets and the wines that daily fill the table of local people?
If you want to live on the coast means becoming part of its cuisine, the Ravello wine tour organized by Naples Tour Service is right for you.
One of our best drivers, who knows how to handle the curves of the coast, will lead you to a famous and renowned Local wine company, strictly family-run and traditionally linked. Here the vineyards, which sink their roots in very distant times (Roman' s age), arise in impenetrable areas, on terraced peaks on the sea, reachable only by very narrow stairs that hang on the mountain: they are small cliffs torn to the rock and to the mountain by the fatigue, the stubbornness and above all the love of these vineyards for their land kissed by the Sun almost all year.
During the guided tour, therefore, you will not be able to open wide and flat vineyards in front of you, but there are many small vineyards that hang on the mountain: each terracing houses four rows of screws arranged according to the classic "pergola" arrangement. The cultivated grapes are divided into three large groups: the typical ones of Campania like Piedirosso and Aglianico, those typical of the Amalfi Coast such as Falanghina, Ginestra and Ripolo and the typical and exclusive ones of Ravello like Pepella, which is a vine only visible In the Amalfi Coast. There are no vineyards made entirely of this particular grape, because Pepella is only present in some strains of a vineyard; It is called for the small acorns (similar to pepper grains) that are next to normal grape berries.
Certainly, the Naples Tour Service knows that you want to live and breath Ravello, so after the guided tour of the vineyard you will be tasting the various wines produced by the company, all of which are very unique because they are born from the combination of various grapes. So you will not taste the simple Falanghina, but a wine created by the union between Falanghina and Biancolella; You will not taste the traditional Piedirosso or Aglianico, but divine nectar born from their combination; You will experience the grape wine of Pepella. In short, you will have a full tasting of the varieties (white, red, rosé) of the wine wisely made in Ravello.
Do you also want visit and experience the beautiful Town of Ravello, immersing yourself in its narrow streets, overlooking the "Terrace of the Infinity", visiting the garden of Villa Rufolo? No problem: Naples Tour Service has also think of this. In fact you can match the excursion "Ravello wine tour" with "Ravello walking tour". The order of excursions, timetables, date, panoramic places to photograph in the heart while on the way? These choices depend entirely on you! Contact Naples Tour Service and all your wishes will be met!

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