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Whoever has never seen or on a television or on a postcard or on a promotional poster of a travel agency the characteristic photo of Positano, the one with the typical colored houses set in the mountains that gently degrade towards the beach and the calm sea and to intense blue? Who has seen you photos of a friend taken on that beach or in the white lanes of this small coastal town? Whoever you have ever dreamed of wearing a dress or a pair of "Positano fashion" sandals, the original ones (not the imitations that are found anywhere in the world) hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen with materials and techniques completely "made In Italy "? Who did not listen to the story of a relative who enjoyed a fresh lemonade or a limoncello or a slice of the "lemon delight" (typical coastal products made with local lemons) on the terrace of one of the many Rooms overlooking the small bay of Positano?Begin to satisfy your desire and to live in person the dream of the magical Positano.If your cruise has a long stopping in Naples or if you are on holiday in Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi or any other city in Campania, it is the right time to visit Positano and to see and do in person everything you have just fantasized so far Through brochures, documentaries or tales of friends and relatives. Contact Naples Tour Service and organize your Positano tour. You will have to do more than express your wishes and needs (time available, date etc.), We will think to the rest!!!You will be picked up at the time assigned from the port, from your hotel or anywhere else and you will be taken aboard comfortable minivan in a real journey of the Positano beauty. You will choose the itinerary, you can get in Positano passing through the Sorrento Peninsula or you get there up to Agerola, a mountainous country from the houses with sloping roofs that blossom with the green of the Lattari Mountains and then go down to the The most beautiful street in the world, the "Strada dei Dei", overhanging the sea, crossing Furore, Conca dei Marini and Positano.Already during your trip you will encounter unique and wonderful landscapes that you can enjoy in peace and serenity and especially all together, because driving will be one of our valued and experienced drivers who know the road well and knows how to deal with the many curves of the coast. Make sure that the photos you take will resume the most beautiful and charming spots on the coast because our drivers will be able to advise you for the best and above all they will be at your disposal to make the stops in the points that attract your attention.When you get to Positano, you will not have to worry about anything: our driver will leave you in the central section and you will be free to walk through the white-washed streets of the center, packed with bars, pastry and small shops where you can buy classic clothes Positano ". Usually the expression "descent to Hell" is used, in Positano the situation is upside down: you will make a "descent to Paradise". After you have gone all the way downhill, you will come across the beautiful church from the tiled dome to the beach (the so-called "big beach") lapped by a crystal clear sea where you can dive and snorkel. Going to the end of the beach, you can walk into a characteristic overhanging path to the sea and reach the "Fornillo Beach".And when will you be satiated by sea and shopping and the appetite knocks at your stomach door? We also think about this! Our driver will be there, in the place indicated, waiting for you and will bring you to a really special place: a farmhouse suspended between the sky and the sea, where, sitting on a terrace with an indescribable view, you will enjoy the dishes Typical of the coast, made with zero-miles ingredients from local farm.You will have the opportunity to go around the farm and see the garden and the animals: a real show for young and old.Are not you still convinced? Do you want other good reasons to visit Positano with Naples Tour Service? Here they are:

• You are on vacation and you do not have to worry about getting trains or coaches to get to Positano.

• You are on vacation and you do not have to watch the clock while you enjoy the sea and shopping for fear of losing the bus.

• You are on vacation and you do not have to worry about finding a parking lot.

• You are in the Amalfi Coast and you can not afford one of your travel companions to lose the beauty of the landscape, as it is driving.

• You are on the Amalfi Coast and you do not have to worry about the road full of curves.

• You are not in place and therefore it is best to entrust yourself to people who, knowing the Amalfi Coast better than their pockets, will be able to advise you on the best of everything.

Book your Positano tour with Naples Tour Service, you won't regret

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