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No one can ever claim to have lived (and not just visited) a place if you have not been pampered by its culinary tradition: you know, in fact, that cooking is the soul of a resort! This statement sounds even more true for the magical Amalfi Coast, where not only local cuisine uses raw materials strictly "made in the Amalfi Coast", but even the recipes and the dishes made with it seem to reflect the typical colors of the place.Follow us on our gourmet journey and you will won't regret it !
What is one of the first colors to link the wonderful Amalfi Coast? Obviously the blue, the crystalline sea and the sky almost always clear and clear. The same color is found in one of the typical fish of a coastal country: the Cetara anchovies, famous all over the world for their genuine flavor and softness. The fishermen of the small village of Cetara submit this blue fish to a special work: they clean the anchovies, put them under salt and aroma, press them with different weights until they get a liquid that is then exposed to the sun and then bottled. It has been made so another delicacy, the so-called "Cetara anchovy colatura", which is the basis of a typical dish of the Amalfi Coast: the spaghetti on the slicing of Cetara anchovy colatura.
The pasta will be strictly the one made in Gragnano, a mountainous country near Amalfi famous for its pasta makers. Connected to the sea are also the unmissable " Scialatielli sea food style of the Amalfi Coast": in this dish you will certainly not find the color of the sea but, trust, you will taste the authentic flavors of the clams and the other local seafood used as ingredients. Here too the pasta makes a fundamental role: the scialatielli (a typical type of pasta typically handmade with oil and milk flour) must be rigorously fresh and not dry! You will find dry shingles for sale in the shops, but in the best restaurants for your first experience, only fresh ones are used.
The sea also reigns in a typical Praiano dish: Totani prawns with potatoes, a delight to taste in the best trattorias in this small village.
What is the second color to match the Amalfi Coast? Certainly the yellow, from the light of the sun that always illuminates this land is that of the famous lemons from the characteristic form called "bushy", typical of Amalfi itself; In fact the lemons and then the yellow color literally fill the private gardens and the terraces ripped from the rock of the mountains by local growers or adorn local pottery and souvenirs. You will find the yellow color and flavor of this citrus in some typical Amalfi drinks (granite, lemonade and the famous limoncello) and in some sweets (the unforgettable " lemon delizia", "the caprese al limone", the Lemon sorbet ") in some dishes (" lemon risotto "," ravioli with grated lemon zest "," roasted mozzarella and served between two lemon leaves "etc.). In addition to the yellow, you surely also think of orange / red, romantic sunsets and oranges. Other color, other delicacies: the Praiano red shrimp, pizza, chocolate cake and tangerines in a famous Positano pastry shop
What other color reminds you of the Amalfi Coast? The green, that of the Lattari Mountains, another great wealth of this fantastic land; Here goat and cattle breeders give local cheese masters genuine milk to give birth to cheeses appreciated all over the world: the "Agerola fjordilatte", "the provolone of the monk", various goat cheese and the exquisite "ricotta di Tramonti ", Which is the basis of another notable dish, the so-called" ndunderi of Minori ", a kind of gnocchi of ricotta seasoned with tomato sauce. Ricotta is the pure queen of a typical coastal cake, the ricotta and pear cake. The green color can not but remember the vineyards and secular olive trees visible in every part of the land of Amalfi; And here are other typical products: extra virgin olive oil and DOC wines produced in old mills or wine cellars that have made oil or wine more than just a trade.
If you want to experience the Amalfi Coast, book a gourmet tour with Naples Tour Service. Just tell what flavors of the Amalfi Coast you would love to enjoy for the most, we will arrange a one-day tour for you to discover the beauty and delicacies of this wonderful land.

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