Our tours in Positano allow you to visit all the beauties of the area in total comfort and relax, giving you the best overview of the entire coastline and peninsula.
You can organize a tour of the Amalfi Coast in total relaxation, without worrying about how to deal with the stress of traffic as our tours include transfers on board of comfortable Mercedes minivans, equipped with all comforts.
In fact, all our minivans have a mini-bar, air-conditioning and wifi on board to make you reach the destination even more pleasant, you will feel like arriving at your destination in a eye's blink.
You can trust in the expertise, knowledge, kindness and courtesy of your drivers who are fluent in English. In advantage each stops  will allow you to admire the beautiful landscape and take the most beautiful photographs to ensure that your tour remains an indelible memory.
Positano is certainly not the only possible destination, we offer combined tours thanks to which you can visit more destinations, by consulting our page you can learn in detail our combined tours, reaching even the nearby destinations.

Remember that you can choose between a tour that includes two destinations and another that includes three; they can also be like day tours and the first tour, the one from two destinations, takes about 4/5 hours, while the tour from 3 destinations takes 8 hours.
During the daily visits there is also a refreshment stop in the typical local areas where you can taste all the delicacies of the Amalfi coast, prepared with fresh and genuine products, typical of the area, to really do a full immersion of natural beauty, tradition and gastronomy .
Our tours are not available for groups, this means that we do not collect people for the excursions.
we organize only private tours for Families, Individuals and group of friends and from different destinations.
Day tours can be organized starting from Naples but also from Rome, in addition to daily cruises. This will allow you to simplify your organization by having the possibility to choose different points and starting methods.
Those who choose our tours have the opportunity to get on board and join our excursions directly from the ports where the cruise ship docks.
Our tours are really an added value to the wonders that you will visit, you will be pampered and guided in enchanting places with unforgettable colors and scents.

A gem set in the beautiful surroundings of the Amalfi Coast.
Small and extraordinary history of Positano is intertwined with the fantastic legends already preparing in the classical era, a lush future. Trying to take the most important stages of its existence, we must start from far away to touch even the prehistoric times, namely, at the time, Cro-Magnon, dating back almost 10000 years ago.
Continuing along in the classical era, following the ancient legend that Homer tells in one of the most important works written by him, the Odyssey. In the stretch of sea in front the beach of Positano, lies a small archipelago of three islands called Ligalli, the legend says it was the place where they lived some mythological figures with the body half fish, half woman, “mermaid”, they tried to attract the fishermen with their chants.
An attempt which proved to be vain against Ulysses, while crossing this stretch of the sea during the return trip toward to his beloved Ithaca. Ulysses was able to not be seduced by these sirens, with one of his many tricks, how Homer tells us in the Odyssey.
A luster personage of the Roman era that has walked this beautiful area, was Tiberius because obsessed to be the victim of many attacks, for long periods moved to Capri, and secretly went to Positano where it was produced only for him flour, produced in a mill still exists, and where grain is ground until the early 20th century. In any case, however, the village town, even managing to survive, unable to live a normal life.

A timid attempt of revival can be seen in the 17th century, when they took contacts with Orient and the other countries, but the situation will continue to be uncomfortable even after the unification of Italy, for these reasons, many people of Positano they had to emigrate to America.
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Positano was the place where famous and important tourists they remained there , while they passed by chance in this small corner of paradise, they were inexplicably attracted so much not wanting to leave.

Since that time Positano became one of the main, and organized, tourist destinations in the world.
Famous for their hospitality, as well as for the tourism industry, has also conquered the world of fashion, becoming a reference point for countless shops and boutiques, with the famous “Moda Positano”.
Rachel Talamo she created the very famous Positano fashion, she was an expert local seamstress, she invented the weird fashion, thanks to the use of linen fabrics with colorful drawings particularly cheerful.
So, enjoy this little miracle of nature, albeit a little artificially beautified by man, don’t miss this experience, it is to live, to preserve, to remember.

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