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They are a set of seemingly chaotic stone houses that fill the walls of two valleys and hill, where stands the elegant Romanesque Cathedral, in perfect symbiosis with the rocky and wild background of Matera's Murgia, which extends from ' other side of the canyon of the Gravina di Matera.

Far from being simply a "crib" the stones of Matera are the result of the evolution of one of the oldest towns in the world, it was born about 7500 years ago, developed in harmony with the territory, mostly digging the soft rock . Every home, in fact, hiding rocky areas also very wide and deep, once used as houses, places of worship or production environments, tanks and pipelines for water collection.

During the tour you will visit, in fact, two Rock Churches (2 € / pax) and the Hypogeum of San Giorgio (1,5 € / pax), two of the most interesting sites and representative of the history and the essence of this unique city.

An Alternative Itinerary Of The Murgia Materana
On the opposite side of the Gravina di Matera is the magnificent natural landscape of the Murgia Materana, protected by a natural and archaeological Regional Park, where the long history of Matera retains its oldest traces.  Murgia Timone, in particular, offers the considerable advantage of combining the historical, artistic and archaeological aspect (are easily accessible several frescoed cave churches and archaeological sites such as the Neolithic village) to that nature and landscape: seemingly barren, the plateau is rich of beautiful and fragrant plants such as thyme, savory, arugula and saffron, and in the spring literally bursts of beauty, with blooming daffodils, rock rose, flax tommasini and countless other plants. All with the incredible background offered by all the Sassi that emerge from the ravine.

An exciting and technically easier path can lead you through all these beauties, the rocky complex of San Falcione to that of Our Lady of the Three Doors, through sheer caves on Gravina (no admission fee).

It can be scheduled as a private tour from  hotels or other type of accomodations and day trip.
The duration of the visit least approx.. 10 hours including visit and driving time.
Private guide service included
Admission fees are not included


Departure point Your chosen option
Guide language English, Italian
Tour driver language English, Italian
Tour Duration 10 hours
Highly Recommended
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