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Campania is a very special land, because here Nature with a one hand takes away and with the other gives. In fact the eruption of Vesuvius of 79 d.C. was a tragedy, but without it today we could not admire the ruins of Pompeii and have an "instant photo" of a Roman city of the I century. A.D.; Likewise, bradyism, a typical volcanic phenomena of the Phlegrean Fields, has caused not only a few disadvantages to the phlegly towns but, literally sinking into the sea a portion of the ancient Roman city of Baia, created a unique marvel in the world: the submerged marine archaeological park of Baia. Here you will be able to see Roman remains at the bottom of the sea.
To enjoy this archaeological treasure that the sea has for centuries preserved, you don't need to be sub-experts; because thanks to Cymba, the boat from the a glass bottom, anyone can admire the ruins of the submerged bay, safely and comfortably sitting on his seat.
Contact Naples Tour Service and arrange your half day boat excursion with Cymba , the transparent bottom boat. It will be enough to communicate with you a little while in advance on the day you wish to go hiking; To the rest (availability check, booking, advance ticket payment ) will think Naples Tour Service. You will be picked up from your hotel, port or any other point and boarded by comfortable air-conditioned minivan and wi-fi through the Phlegrean Fields; During the trip our driver will be at your disposal for any information about the places and possible stops at the most beautiful and picturesque spots to take photos.
Once you reach the quaint harbour of Baia, you will get aboard Cymba glass boat and lead to Epitaffio cape.
Here the on-board staff will invite you to sit in turn to seat at bottom of the boat, all made of glass so in order to see the sea bottom.
What marvels will open before your eyes, carefully illustrated by the on-board expert guide? Here is a little anticipation for you.
The Ninfeo of Claudio, which is the only building that can certainly be attributed to the villa built by the emperor in Baia. Other Caesars also built residences or monuments in the town , whose remains are visible during the guided tour, such as the "Complesso della Sosandra" attributed to the villa of Nero or the room known as "Temple of Venus" attributable to Adriano or Finally, the so-called "Temple of Diana" was erected in honor of Mother Julia by Emperor Alessandro Severo. The remains of the entrance channel to "lacus Baianus", a lake quoted by some Latin authors but disappeared due to bradyism.
The villa of the Pisoni, an important and powerful family of the Roman aristocracy of the I century. d. C .. The explanations of the guide will lead you through the various environments of the huge building: you will visit the remains of the spa district, the porch and the nymphaeum, you will notice the double row "pilae" that protect the docks of the villa from the wind, You will see the remains of fishermen, that is, tanks used for fish farming, very common in all maritimae villas. The name of the Pisoni is linked to an important historical event of the Nero age, the so-called conspiracy of the Pisoni: the Pisoni and other Roman senators in 63 d. C. organized a conspiracy against the despotic Emperor Nero, who however discovered the plan and punished all the conspirators with death. The villa then passed to the Imperial democracies: for Adriano's will the building was restored and resembled "Villa Adriana" in Tivoli. Do not you feel excited about thinking of visiting the residence of those who dare to challenge Nero?
Remains of a villa with a "protiro" entrance: it is a building that stretches for about 120 meters and is preceded by a series of shops. Inside it is possible to distinguish two areas, the spa and the residential one separated by a rectangular basin originally connected to the sea and decorated with statues (those visible on the sea floor are all copies, as the originals are kept in the Baia's Castle Museum ). The mosaic flooring of the house is still visible.
At the end of the boat excursion, you will meet again at the port our driver who, if you wish, will be happy to accompany you to the Aragonese castle of Baia, where you can visit the museum that collects all the finds found in the Phlegrean Fields, not just those of the submarine Archaeological Park, but also those found, for example, in Miseno as the famous "Domiziano Nerva", a statue depicting the emperor Nerva on horseback; Originally, however, the emperor depicted was not Nerva, but Domiziano. The death of the latter was changed: Domiziano's head was replaced by that of Nerva. Because? The Senate had decreed for damnatio memoriae, for Domiziano, the oblivion of his memory because of his irreverent behavior towards the senators: his name and his face had to disappear from all monuments!
Let's tour with Naples Tour Service to discover the Baia Sommersa (with the boat from glass bottor) and other Phlegrean' s beauty.

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