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Welcome to Sorrento, City of the provolone del monaco ( monk's provolone): this is what is said on the road sign that marks the beginning of the beautiful Sorrentine territory. Sorrento hides his aristocratic and elegant dress, made up of romantic beachfront hotels, ancient streets with craft shops, breathtaking views and luxurious boutiques, preferring to show her the most real , The most genuine and authentic heart: the cheese tradition that makes it the queen city of cheeses.
Mozzarella, fiordilatte, provolone del monco , ricotta are therefore the first words Sorrento wants to whisper to its visitors! If no one can say that he really tasted Sorrento without having eaten his cheese produce, no one can say that he really lived Sorrento without becoming an active part of his tradition, that is, without having witnessed the production of his famous cheeses!
For this reason, to make you live the most authentic Sorrento, Naples Tour Service organizes a real "Sorrento cheese tour": you will be led to one of the oldest and most renowned cheese farm of the peninsula, run by a local family dedicated to this work from various generations, jealously guarding the techniques and tricks of the trade in safest and most reliable ways: heart, because love is the real secret of mozzarella. "Without love, passion and dedication people cannot produce real mozzarella and other cheese products of Sorrento, but its anonymous imitations that you can eat anywhere in the world. That's what my grandfather taught me! "These are the words of the cheese owner, who with his family made cheese produce far more than just a job.
During the visit you will be able to see the various cheese farms, closely observe the machinery used and see the entire mozzarella process, which will be clearly explained from beginning to end in every single step. It will be exciting to see how the milk, thanks to the skilled hands of the cheese master , slowly assumes the solidity of mozzarella from the most varied forms: round, noddy, braid, etc.
And then? A tasteful tour must end up in a "tasty" way: so everyone at the table will enjoy the fresh mozzarella, just made!
What to expect? 
Book your "Sorrento cheese tour" with Naples Tour Service; You will be taken from your hotel or port or from any other point and taken to board comfortable minivan in a real tasteful journey 


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