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So close to each-other and so beautiful to visit. The tour Herculaneum and Vesuvius stands out, because the close proximity between the two sites that is illogical to think that still today the people live in this area considering the history of the volcano.
The vitality of the modern city of Herculaneum is similar to that of 2000 years ago because it was a resort town, people, artists and artisans externalize their talent and their vitality, producing art, it can be seen walking the streets of the old city in the frescoes on walls and the mosaics in the floors of houses and villas, in the marble statues and structures, objects made by craftsmen and that you can still appreciate their craftsmanship, all thanks to an exceptional state of preservation of the ruins.

Climbing Mount Vesuvius has absolutely no perception that, it throughout his life, might have caused death and destruction massacres of whole peoples and entire villages. The typical of mountain road, made of twists and turns, you follow it in a surreal silence and you can enjoy the show of the suggestive nature, because, the soil of the side of Vesuvius is as dry as a desert while on the side of Mount Somma (ancient crater) is more humid and is characterized by the presence of mixed forests.
Not to mention the magnificent landscape Gulf of Naples that you can enjoy from different perspectives as you go toward the top.

Tour extremely interesting also if it is not too challenging, you can do it so very relaxing.


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