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In 1932, in the eyes of the fisherman Luigi Buonocore, appears a pure spectacle of nature, which until then had been described only in the poems of poets and grandmothers, opened: a crystal-clear water of thousands of shades of color enclosed in a Cave (actually a karst cavity) higher than twenty meters. The legendary "Emerald Grotto" was finally found!
Its name derives from emerald (sometimes cobalt or turquoise blue) taken from the water thanks to the sunlight that arrives in the cave through an undercut slit connecting the cave to the open sea.
In ancient times this karst cavity was above the sea level and was not invaded by water; Stalactites and stalagmites have been formed over the centuries, many of those are still visible today and give visitors a wonderful spectacle or height (at some points these look like crystal columns over 10 meters high) or their shape which remembers various objects or characters (for example a shawl, "Garibaldi" or shepherds). Due to bradysism, this cave is sunken and partially filled with water, thus becoming a kind of lake with a thousand colors that can be crossed by small boats.
The "Emerald Grotto" is located at km 26 of the SS 163 of the Amalfi Coast; From here a long staircase leads to an elevator leading to the entrance of an artificial tunnel. At the end of this tunnel there is a small jetty where various wooden boats are moored, bringing visitors to the cave tour, showing the various stalactites and stalagmites as well as the underwater crib. In fact, in 1965, a crafted crib made of ceramic craft by Vietri sul Mare was deposited at the bottom of the cave at four meters deep, clearly visible from the boat due to the clear water. Each Christmas, a group of divers has bunches of flowers at the feet of Jesus Christ.
The "Emerald Grotto" is not very large (about 45x32 m) so the entire visit, from the arrival to the end, takes about 30/40 minutes and costs 5 euros per person.
If you are in Naples or Amalfi / Sorrento Coast, enter this short excursion on your tour: give your eyes and your memory the multicolored show of the "Emerald Grotto"!
Book with the Naples Tour Service and enjoy the coast's beauty in peace without having any concerns: just a simple reservation; The rest, we care! 
In fact, you will be taken from your hotel or from anywhere and led to the starting point of the staircase leading to the cave; You do not have to worry about getting to the place, you do not have to find the timetables for the buses and above all, you do not have to worry about car parking (very difficult to find on the coast). At the end of the visit, our driver will be there to wait and lead you to the starting point or wherever you want.


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