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You are tired of fantasizing or seeing the most famous and most appreciated archaeological site in the world, the beautiful Pompeii, only through your imagination and various documentaries but

• Do your cruise take a stop in Naples too short to spend a full day in in the area?

• Did you organize your own tour of the Sorrento or Amalfi Coast for free and only half a day?

• Do you have small children or other needs that do not allow a full and long visit of the most visited Roman city in the world?


• Have you already visited Pompeii excavations in your previous trip but at that time some domus ( houses) were closed or restored and then you went dreaming to see them?

Do not give up on your dream of walking through roads, houses and temples of almost 2000 years ago! Book with your Naples Tour Service your excursion to discover the recently restored houses and then reopened to the public to enjoy the best that Pompeii can offer its visitors today, or the beauty of houses brought back to their ancient splendor thanks to the expert hands of restorers: You will really feel like you are at the back in time of the Romans!

The tour lasts for approx.… five hours and includes a guided tour (with special reservation made some time before) of the following houses:

• Sirico's home, surely belonged to an exponent of the rich merchant class of the city as you will discover by reading the welcome letter at the entrance of the house; Here you can admire the Esedra for banquets and the splendid frescoes inspired by the Trojan War.

• the home of the wounded Bear, opened for the first time to the public a few months ago; The name of the dwelling is due to the image of the bear wounded by a spear visible on the mosaic (completely restored and therefore in the fullness of its beauty) placed at the entrance of the house itself; Even in this house you will admire refined and elegant frescoes and the unmistakable image of "Venus in shell" so far only visible on books or documentaries.

• the house of Efebo, which also belonged to a rich family of Pompeian merchants, as evidenced by the richness of decorations and frescoes and the luxury of houses environments; Everything is well preserved: the division of environments that allows visitors to see the way the Romans understand the house, the visible separation between the area and the representation area, even the plaster cast of the original door with the blocking system of the " Epoch to avoid the intrusion of thieves in the house. Very interesting is a painting of the house where a fruit is depicted: what does it look like? You answer when you're in front of the fresco!

• the house of the Criptoportico, which owes its name to the porch under the squared garden; A clever restoration has brought to the frescoes of the porch the original freshness of colors that will leave you breathless. In this house, human remains were also found, from which plaster casts were still exposed in the house, including the famous "lovers of Pompeii".

• The home of geometric mosaics, one of Pompeii's largest houses, consisting of about 60 rooms for a total of 3000mq; It is also the most scenic home: the owner could enjoy a breathtaking view of Capri, Castellammare and Sorrento.

• the house of Fabius Amandius, a miniature house, far different from the one described above: it is a typical example of a dwelling belonging to the Pompeian middle class where the wisdom to optimize space was exploited to the utmost since they had a few square meters available.

• Stephanus fullonica, a sort of laundry / dyeing of the time belonged to or managed by a certain Stephanus. It is the only Pompeian example of atrium and flat roof. You can notice the tanks used for washing and frying the cloth, often with water and urine, and find out all the procedure used in the workshop.

What are you waiting for? Do not miss the splendor of the new domus of Pompeii; You will be taken from the port, from your hotel or anywhere else and brought to Naples Tour Service on this fantastic journey back in time.


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