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Small and romantic white pebbled beaches nestled between the green of the Lattari Mountains, intense blue sea creeks like the sky, churched by the tiled domes on the beach, cliffs lined with crystal clear sea, white plastered lanes spotted only by the bougainvillea lilac Lead to fishermen's marinas, seaside villages lined with restaurants where the scent of freshly caught fish is reigned and cooked to art by world renowned chefs ....
Dear Friends, the Amalfi Coast is above all this. There is, in fact, another face of the Amalfi Coast, made of small mountain villages with a medieval appearance rich in history and unmissable monuments.
The queen of these villages is surely Ravello, a small town situated at 365 m above sea level, which literally overlooks the western side of the Amalfi Coast.
And why, you think, we will have to face 3km of winding curves uphill (and then downhill) by subtracting our half-day vacation to see a small mountain country? Does it really worth it? And why?
The answer to all these questions is one: YES, because in Ravello you seem to touch your blue sky the day before you dived with a dip at sea!
One word is proof of what has just been said: Villa Cimbrone. Within its park (open to the public all days of the week after paying a ticket of 7 euros per person) you will find the so-called "Viale dell'Immenso" (a small street covered by a dense pergola of scented wisteria sinensis that sometimes reaches also 180 cm long), which ends with the Temple of Ceres: welcome to Paradise! From this point, in fact, begins the "Terrace of the Infinite, a balcony adorned with eighteenth-century busts overhanging the sea: from there it will be really difficult the blue sky from that sea! When you are there, if that balcony seems familiar to you, you are not mistaken: a scene of the movie "The Princess Sissi" was shot here.
The villa is easy to reach: it is located in via Santa Chiara 26 only ten minute walk from the center of Ravello.
Another name, other wonder: Villa Rufolo. It is one of the oldest villas in Ravello, built by the important local family of the Rufolo (which belonged to the character Landolfo Rufolo, protagonist of the novel by Boccaccio, contained in the Decameron). In this villa there were banquets in honor of the various sovereigns of Naples. When the power of the Rufolo decayed, the villa became dilapidated, until in 1851 it was bought by a Scottish who brought it back to the ancient splendor, especially in its external environments. "A nice garden like many others?" You might think, but you're wrong! The garden of Villa Rufolo has something magical: think that the well-known composer Wagner, when he saw it in 1880, exclaimed that he had finally found the scenery for the garden of Klingsor, that is, for a scene contained in the second act of his work "Parsifal" . In memory of this connection between the villa and Wagner, every summer there are open air concerts right in the "Klingsor Garden". The wonders of Villa Rufolo are not over: during the visit you can admire the two towers, a magnificent Moorish cloister, the balnea and finally enjoy the one that is the most well-known postcard of Ravello: a centuries-old pine extending into the center of the two Domes of the Church of the Annunziata and behind the green of the Lattari Mountains that plunge into the sea.
Here is a wonder for lovers of medieval art: the Duomo di Ravello, built in 1086 and therefore one of the oldest cathedrals in Italy; Here there is an ampoule with the blood of San Pantaleone, which, like that of San Gennaro, suffers from the liquefaction phenomenon. We could continue with the list of churches to visit, each one unique for a peculiarity, but let you have the joy of discovering them.
We could continue with the list of churches to visit, each one unique for a peculiarity, but let you have the joy of discovering them.
And for shopping lovers? The streets of the medieval old town are literally full of shops and shops where typical objects of the coast and of Ravello are sold, all handmade with Italian raw materials: ceramics, tiles and jewels in gold or created with what the sea offers To the artisans of the coast.
Book your excursion to Ravello with Naples Tour Service: you will be taken from any point you want and carried on board comfortable and air-conditioned minivan, wi-fi at the entrance to the historic center of Ravello. At our scheduled time, our driver will be there waiting for you to get back to your starting point or anywhere else you want.
Contact Naples Tour Service and enjoy your day in Ravello: you will not have to worry about the itinerary or how to handle the curves of the Amalfi Coast or where to park your car once you reach Ravello.
If you are a sea lover and you just cannot give up on a dive in the crystal clear waters of the coast? Tell us when booking and, after visiting Ravello, our driver will take you to Ravello's only beach, located near Atrani, where you can take a relaxing dive.
And if you like to enjoy the products of the place you see? No problem. We also thought about this: you cancombine the excursion "Ravello walking tour" with "Ravello wine-tour

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