The magic of the Amalfi Coast where art, culture and music combine in the atmosphere of a charming place. Probably founded by a Roman colony in the 6th century, full of large villas and palaces, Ravello, in its simplicity, captures the attention of all who visit it, thanks to the cultural richness and the scenery that it donates us. Has taken important functions during the course of his existence, as a place of residence of noble families since ancient Rome, it also became the Episcopal see for a long time. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which is located in the city’s main square, houses the remains of the blood of San Pantaleone, the patron saint of the town, every year, July 27, just like San Gennaro in Naples, is to liquefy the blood in an ampoule, giving rise to that miracle of ritual where people are conservative and faithful. Next to the church, you can see a beautiful and monumental bell tower of the 14th century. Do not forget the importance of other liturgical paintings located in buildings such as the Church of San Giovanni del Toro, the Church of Santa Maria in Gradillo, the Church and the Cloister of St. Francis. History and art, in Ravello live in sacred buildings, ecclesiastical residences, but can also be found in the private residences, such as palaces D’Afflitto and Confalone, and Villa Rufolo. Latter is also important for the function as a place of support for the development of an important musical event that makes Ravello, the most acclaimed and requested, touristic destination. An event, the Festival of Ravello, every year since 1953 (70th year anniversary of the death of Wagner) takes place in the Villa Rufolo, artistically consecrated by Richard Wagner, as a place for the creation of one of his most beautiful and famous works, the PARSIFAL.A celebration that attracts tourists from all over the world, it is a exhibition of music featuring symphonic and chamber concerts, ballet and jazz performances, exhibitions and meetings with writers and moments of homage to the Neapolitan tradition, thus remaining in a multidisciplinary format and a international size. Currently Ravello, as well as for its history, its culture and its music, is the destination of many travelers, as an alternative to the warm summer evenings , enjoy the cool climate and love the enchanting panorama gives Ravello, with its altitude which makes it that bit more privileged than the surrounding area.

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