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Visit the archaeological wonder of Pompeii with the beauty of the southern side of the coast line. The tour prefer the historical aspect and the art of the main sites of our region combined with the beauty of the nature. Pompeii attracts with memories of her tragic moments, but also with the fascination stylized of rich Roman villas the functionality with which were built the houses so-called poor, the frescoes and mosaics that can be admired on the walls and floors of houses.

Even if Ravello became a holiday resort, has kept intact all of its features, so that when you arrive in the middle of the square you have the sensation of living in another time. As witnessed the buildings already known like Villa Cimbrone but also the Catholics buildings such as St. Giovanni del Toro, the Church of St. Mary at Gradillo and many others.

Amalfi with its majestic history inspires respect and although the village is small, the impressiveness of its monuments requires a visit more reflective, for example the visit of the Cathedral, or visiting the Paper Museum in Amalfi where you can also attend to the production of paper sheets by hand and see the old water mills operate with the power of the river Canneto. It is a tour not to be missed because it allows us to enrich our knowledge.


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