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When we talk about Ravello, we always use two expressions: "the terrace of the coast" and "the city of music". But why?
The first definition is explained by the fact that this small town is literally overlooking the Amalfi Coast Bay, where the sight is lost between the blue of sky and sea.The fame of Ravello as a "city of music" is linked to the now-famous outdoor concerts that animate the wonderful garden of Villa Rufolo every summer, from June to September (rarely in May).Let's take a step back: from what originated this tradition? It was far from 1851: a Scottish botanist, Neville Reid, came to Ravello and, fascinated by the two tall Moorish towers of Villa Rufolo, decided to buy property (once belonged to an important merchant family in the area that organized them in previous centuries Banquets and parties for the various kings of Naples), although the latter was now in decline. The Scotsman then began a large restoration work of the villa that came back to its ancient splendor. The beauty of the villa did not escape to its illustrious visitor, Richard Wagner: As soon as the composer saw the tower and especially the garden with its well, his exotic plants and pines gave an order to the painter who followed him to make a sketch of the garden from which to draw inspiration for some scenes of the second act of his work "Parsifal". Wagner had finally faced the enchanted garden he had imagined in his mind for years: "The garden of Klingsor is finally found!"He wrote in euphoria in the guestbook of the Hotel Palumbo, where he had lunch. It was May 1880.
In the name of this connection between Ravello and Wagner, from the summer of 1953, in the magical garden of Klingsor, open air concerts are performed with the most prestigious orchestras in the world (such as the Orchestra of the San Carlo Theater in Naples, Staatskapelle of Dresden, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Orchester National de France, etc.), the most illustrious directors, the most famous orchestra and the most appreciated dancers and choreographers on the world's most scenic stage as it is set up on a rooftop terrace sea. What to answer the rigorous and precise experts, lovers of the theory and thus opposed to outdoor concerts where music does not come to the public as well, but spoiled by external noises? Listening to Wagner or other great composers looking out over the Amalfi Coast, almost suspended in the void, between the sky and the sea, accompanied by the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the pines shows how sometimes perfection can arise from imperfection.Do not miss these emotions: book your outdoor transport service to get to Ravello with the Naples Tour Service. You will be taken from your accommodation and driven on board of comfortable air-conditioned minivan and wi-fi in Ravello at the perfect time for the concert and then brought back to your destination.
If you have more time at your disposal, you can combine the concert with another excursion in Ravello (such as "Ravello walking tour" or "Ravello wine tour").
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