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Vesuvius is not only one of the few volcanoes still active in Europe, but it is also and above all the symbol of Naples, which is the background to every postcard or image that represents the city.
The great Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi called him "exterminator", that is, an exterminator, alluding to the tragic effects of his 79A.D. eruption, which buried Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Despite its past and future danger (it is still an active volcano), Vesuvius is a wonder of Nature, which since 1995 has been protected by the "Vesuvius National Park".
Thanks to its tireless work, Vesuvius has becomean unmissable stop for all those who love trekking or who are fond of biology and geology or who just love the breathtaking nature and scenery.

During the guided tour of the Vesuvius Park you can

• Walk up to the crater, crossing a path along the outer walls of the crater itself; on your right there will bethe black of the volcanic earth while on your left the blue sea of ​​the Gulf of Naples.
• admire the interior of the crater from the very high walls: here mossy lichens and fumaroles create alandscape and an evocative atmosphere. You will feel like you are on the Moon.
• see live and learn thanks to the explanations of the guide the minerals, flora and fauna typical ofVesuvius.
• Discover the signs that the various eruptions have left on the volcano.
• See with your eyes the structure of Vesuvius, which is called "a fence", consisting of an outer cone nowextint (the Monte Somma) which hosts a smaller but active cone, the mount Vesuvius ones.

Thanks to Naples Tour Service these beauties and emotions are at your fingertips for those who are onholiday in the Sorrento Coast or the Amalfi Coast or in the beautiful Naples (even during a cruise). In fact,it's just a simple phone or mail booking, and you'll be taken out of the port or from your hotel or any otherlocation and carried by air-conditioned minivan and wi-fi to the entrance to the Vesuvius National Park;Here you will buy a ticket of 10 euros per person and along with an expert guide (included in the ticketcost) you will tour the park and climb to the crater. After the hike you will return to the starting point andthere you will be waiting for our driver to bring you back to the hotel or the port. You can combine the visitto Vesuvius with another of our half-day excursions, such as the "Vesuvius wine tour" or the "Di domus indomus" tour of the new Pompeian homes.

What are you waiting for? Do not waste valuable time on your well-deserved vacation to organize yourexcursion to the Vesuvius hiking path: book with Naples Tour Service

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