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From the Historical point of view, this is another perfect combination.
The beginning and the end. The tour of Pompeii and Vesuvius is only focused on the history and characteristic icon representing Naples in the world. Go through the small streets in the center of an ancient city like Pompeii, is testimony to a past of great importance because with more than 12000 inhabitants was a big city. Commercial city where every street corner there were opportunities for trade or exchange of goods.
At any time of life of Pompeii, the mountain always has served as the backdrop to their city and their daily activities without ever considering it a threat and never imagining that it would have been the cause of their end.

Climb Mount Vesuvius is a pleasant experience because we have the opportunity to admire the view of a vast territory that encloses three provinces of Naples, Caserta and Salerno. But when you reach the top, the south – east, where you can see the city of Pompeii, at that point we close our eyes and with a little fantasy to relive the reality of that time imagining what was the extraordinary power of the eruption that destroyed the city, only then you realize the extraordinary nature of what you are visiting.


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Tour Duration 6/7 hours
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