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The excavation work began in 1748 and not yet completed, have brought to light an entire city, where it is been possible to study the everyday life of ordinary people of that era. There is no building in Pompeii, which does not deserve to be seen, but there are places that have had a public importance for example, “FORO” located on an important road junction, was the political, economic and religious center of Pompeii, where you can also admire the Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Apollo.
There are villas to visit such as the Villa of the Mysteries in which there are a series of paintings composed by 29 figures who still has not discovered the true meaning.
The houses, as the house of the Faun, House of Menander, House of the Vetti and many others in which were found frescoes can be admired in the National Museum of Naples. The Amphitheatre of Pompeii is the oldest Roman amphitheater in the world. This is just a small hint of what can be seen in the excavations of Pompeii, which is a fantastic once in life time experience.


The city, in the tradition of Greek town planning, was characterized by the presence of thistles and decumani, and was rich of religious buildings and public utilities.
It became an important colony of Magna Grecia, together with Taranto and Cuma. Although the early relations between Rome and Neapolis were imprinted on friendship and on trying to enter into agreements, Neapolis by Rome was considered an important vehicle of Greek culture and civilization: the city and its surroundings became a destination for summer residences of roman patricians who built luxurious villas between Sorrento and Pozzuoli (Tiberius, Nero, and Lucullus, chose this area for rest and fun, Cicero, Horace, Pliny the Elder, Virgil, here they found inspiration for their artistic genius). Naples was the center of refined culture, part of the Greece in the Italian Peninsula, that the Romans had always respected and appreciated. 

Then Naples was dominated by different European royal houses like the Swabians, The Anjevins. The Aragón’s, the Bourbon dynasty.

Stroll through the streets of Naples today with about 1,500,000 inhabitants it means to do a fantastic journey through the history, the culture, the Architecture and an unmistakable scenario with its beautiful Bay,  is unique in the world. The quality monumental, Artistic and Architectural of the monuments of Naples is of inestimable value and of different styles such as the Neapolitan Baroque, Liberty Napoletano, Renaissance style, neo-classical, etc.. 

Naples is a city of the greatest density of cultural resources, monuments and Castles of the world.
The old town, in 1995, was numbered by the UNESCO among the World Heritages. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe where the contemporary fabric urban preserves the elements of its eventful history. The layout of its streets, its wealth of historic buildings that characterize different periods, they give to the site a universal value without equal, who has exerted a profound influence on much of Europe and beyond the boundaries of this. 


It can be scheduled as a private shore trip, private tour from  hotels and day trips.

The duration of the visit least approx.. 6/7 hours including visit and driving time.

In order to enjoy the visit the best way possible, we highly recommend a private guide service.

Admission fees are not included


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