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Where began the civilization of the western part of Italy, Phlegraean Fields.
It is not only one site but it is formed by different areas, the place of the beginning was Cuma with the Archaeological Park of the Roman city, that while you visiting it, it is evident that the Romans while they built their city, they left the buildings of the Hellenic period as the Temple of Apollo and the Sibyl’s Cave.

The Phlegraean Fields is the area that by the Greeks before and then by the Romans, it was always considered of strategic value. The places that demonstrate this are Pozzuoli, Cape Misenum which was the naval base of the Roman fleet where you can still see the wide gulf in which the Romans protected the ships and the Mirabile pool.

Continuing we find the city of Bay submerged, you can visit through a glass-bottomed boat, Pozzuoli where you see the Temple of Serapis (Macellum) which was a place of daily Roman life, the Flavian Amphitheatre, the active volcano Solfatara.

Visit these places means run through again the story that began 3000 years ago, also in reductive way in brief has been brought to light the essence of the origins of our civilization.


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