The landscape, the atmosphere which surrounding the visit of the ancient temples and the importance of close by archaeological museum are ready to welcome you. The first name was Poseidon, because founded by a Greek colony, and in honor of Poseidon, god of the sea, they given the name to the town, around the 7th century BC.
Established as one of the most important maritime commercial centers of Magna Graecia, through a favorable economic conditions, as evidenced by the immense archaeological heritage. Under the rule of Lucania, then Rome, the city experienced a period full of wealth, reaching maximum territorial expansion, with the construction of new and impressive, buildings such as the amphitheater, the forum and the gymnasium, which helped to give, to the city, the imposing aspect that the excavations, brought to light, they put in evidence. In the Middle Ages, however, due to floods and viral contamination, began to decline, decimating big part, of the population. Population that around 9th century, was put to flight by a heavy Saracen raid.

This beautiful town was discovered around 1762, when Charles III of Bourbon, decided to built a road that still now, it through the archaeological area, the road call of Calabria. In addition to this building, Charles also made a campaign aimed at the discovery and recovery of the remains of the temples of the classical age. Of these temples, certainly the oldest and the largest is the basilica, born at the time, as the temple dedicated to Hera, found in the southern part of the city. Then there is the Temple of Neptune, which is considered by researchers, the emblem of Doric in Italy and Greece. Between the two famous temples, finally, we find one dedicated to the goddess Athena, which compared to the other two is small, but it keeps the inside of the features that make it one of the most interesting of Greek architecture.

To visit Paestum, after Cumae, means to understand the roots of our civilization, and to complete an unforgettable experience, you can’t miss the visit of Paestum archaeological museum, located near by the historical site.

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