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You are on holiday in the beautiful Naples or your cruise offers a long stop in the pizza town and you want to take advantage of it to make a day trip to the renowned Sorrento, perhaps for a dip in its beautiful sea: but how can you get there ?, better to rent A car or hire a public transport ?, what are the timetables of the train ?, and how far is the sea from the station ?, and then it is certain that the closest and most easily accessible beach is the one that is worth the trip To Sorrento?
Let's imagine that for your excursion to Sorrento you can find the most picturesque place where you can dive, the one where you can take unforgettable photos, to show friends and relatives when you come home.
Let's imagine your wish is to see a corner of Sorrento, out of the beaten tourist path, perhaps known and attended mainly by locals; In short, a place to find the true essence of the Sorrento Coast: the sea, nature, history and the legend. And then do not waste valuable time on your well-deserved vacation, asking questions and unnecessary and avoidable problems: entrust yourself to the Naples Tour Service to organize your "dip in Sorrento".
You will be welcomed to your hotel or port or anywhere and you will be driven by one of our experienced drivers in comfortable air-conditioned minivan to discover a hidden beauty of Sorrento : "The Queen's Baths".
This is a cliff overlooking the sea divided into two parts: on the right there is a small natural lagoon, enclosed in a limestone basin covered with brooms, which make emerald green water. This kind of natural pool from the low and rocky backdrop (the use of beach shoes is recommended) is accessible via a staircase and is connected to the open sea by a natural arch. On the left, there is a path that leads to another cliff on the open sea: here also the shrubs of Mediterranean scrub give the water a spectacular shade; It will be impossible for you to resist the call of that emerald green sea!
But have we not promised to bring you a rich place also of History and Legend? It is said that the small natural pool was the favorite place of the Queen of Naples, Giovanna d'AngiĆ², to dive in company of her young lovers.
It is even said that the sovereign was usually used to throw his lovers down the rocks after the meeting, to keep his loving adventures secret.
To reach the cliff overlooking the open sea, you will pass the ruins of a Roman villa of the I century. d. C., the domus of Pollio Felice! You can dive in a crystal clear water and have Roman archaeological remains as background! The rock cliffs belonged to the so-called "maritime district" of the villa, where there were water tanks (which served in the "upper residential neighborhood", on top of the hill), grocery stores, a grocery store Nymphaeum and some natural attractions: in fact this part of the villa was also used as the private port of the Roman senator.
If you walk along the wooden dock way from the cliff you will get to a beach where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, and then go over to another cliff where you can practice naturism (the only place on the whole Sorrento Coast).
Obviously like all the wonders of the world, even the "Bagni of Regina Giovanna" have a price: to reach them we have to take a 20-minute downhill walk (our driver will leave you at the beginning of the trail where he will also wait for you to return At time you decided). You will not feel the effort of the walk neither during the descent nor during the ascent, as the little road is practically immersed in Mediterranean scrub and secular olive groves, where you can see the shimmering of the sea. At the beginning of our story, we had promised you nature too, right?
What are you waiting for? Book with your Naples Tour Service your dive at "Bagni della Regina Giovanna". If this reef was loved by Pollio Felice, by Queen Giovanna and was chosen as a set for a scene of the movie "Bread, Love and ..." there will be one reason! Come and discover it!
And if after a dip at "Queen's Baths," you still have time available? No problem: you can combine this excursion with Sorrento or Positano

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