If you think that immortal Artist like Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and many more have worked here, there is only one way to describe Florence, a Museum under the sky.
Contrary to popular belief Florence was not founded by the Etruscan but it founded by the Romans in the 1cent B.C. with ancient name of Florentia. Built along the river Arno it is one of the most famous cities in the world because its cultural and artistic Heritage. For this reason is a touristic destination, tourist of all over the world are welcomed by an efficient logistics and hotel organization. We must add that the Florence economy, over the huge cultural heritage is accompanied by the craft industry such as leather goods, goldsmith’s art and footwear. Florence’s history is studded by many internal wars. One of the most longest and famous war is without any doubt the dispute between Guelfi and Ghibellini (1215). And it is only at the end of this war that Florence began to be an industrial and commercial city, and above all, began a policy of expansion across the Tuscan. Then follow various rules by different dynasties, but probably the most famous all was the Medici family, after Cosimo de Medici returned from exile (1434) with the support of the people and with the constitutional order he governed with great wisdom. At the end of the Medici dynasty (1737) Florence came under the rule of the Hasburg up to 1859 when Florence began part of Italian united reign and it was also the capital since 1865 to 1871.

During the years Florence and its huge artistic heritage were hit by tragedy, such as the destruction suffered during the German occupation in the second world war, and in November 1966 when it was devastated by a terrible flood. But Florence has always managed to resurrect and preserve priceless treasures, which are waiting only to be admired.

Of course is not possible to visit Florence and forget the beauty of the all Tuscan region, like Chianti and San Giminiano hills, or Pisa, Siena and many other these are just some of the place to invite you to visit Florence and its surroundings.

Tour of Florence

  • Tour of Florence
  • Tour of Florence
  • Tour of Florence

A tour of the city known as the cradle of the Renaissance, allows the visitor to relive in all its parts, the importance of a literary movement because it became one of the mo..

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