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A tour of the city known as the cradle of the Renaissance, allows the visitor to relive in all its parts, the importance of a literary movement because it became one of the most important cities of Italy. Built on the banks of the River Arno, Florence, gives us opportunity to make different types of tourist routes in every corner of the town with its villas, built in part from one of the most important families who lived in Florence, the Medici, such as Villa Poggio Imperiale and Forte Belvedere, and others built by the Benedictine nuns and other important people also thanks to palaces such as Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Pitti Palace, the Uffizi Museum… We have the opportunity to see masterpieces of art on show. Then the Bell Tower, the churches of S. Maria Novella and Santa Croce, the Duomo by Brunelleschi, Michelangelo’s David, the Piazza della Signoria etc… All palaces and monuments that recount the different eras and different moments in history that the city has gone through. In addition to the area then known as Pagan, also there are so much ecclesiastical monuments, in which there are works by important artists, which have marked the life of painting in Italy such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, etc… Itinerary of a different nature but of equal interest is a tour of the Tuscan hills (Chianti hills or San Gimignano) with stunning views of natural beauty and the opportunity to taste local wines and typical local products such as cheese and oil. Or picturesque little town like Siena, Lucca or Pisa with is magnificent Campo dei Miracoli with the incredible Leaning Tower, the Cathedral and the Battistero. Another magic place to visit is the beautiful coast line of five lands (cinque terre) formed by five village: Monterosso al mare, Vernazza, Cornaglia, Manarola e Rio Maggiore and you can visit this villages from the sea on little boat or by a small local train. Certainly it is not possible to visit all in one day, but every monument, every street, every single church, at the end of the visit, will leave you a good memory and a beautiful dream. Come and share this dream with us.


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