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This is the tour that gives you the opportunity to visit one of the most visited archaeological site in the world, and we can also say that in the world is unique because the excavation work began in 1748 and not yet completed, have brought to light an entire city, where it is been possible to study the everyday life of ordinary people of that era.

There is no building in Pompeii, which does not deserve to be seen, but there are places that have had a public importance for example, “Foro” located on an important road junction, was the political, economic and religious center of Pompeii, where you can also admire the Temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Apollo.

There are villas to visit such as the Villa of the Mysteries in which there are a series of paintings composed by 29 figures who still has not discovered the true meaning.

The houses, as the house of the Faun, House of Menander, House of the Vetti and many others in which were found frescoes can be admired in the National Museum of Naples. The Amphitheatre of Pompeii is the oldest Roman amphitheater in the world.

This is just a small hint of what can be seen in the excavations of Pompeii, which is a fantastic once in life time experience.


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