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What images evokes in your mind the word "Vesuvius"?

Some would like to answer this question: "Naples and its beautiful gulf: in fact Vesuvius is always behind the postcards or pictures of the city"; Some would say, "Obviously, the eruption of 79 d.C. Which literally sealed under a thick layer of ashes and lapilli Pompeii and Herculaneum, giving us a modern snapshot of two Roman cities "; Others, those who are fond of nature and geology, would mention the Vesuvius National Park, those guided tour allows you to see the crater, the fumaroles, the signs of the various eruptions and minerals and to enjoy a breathtaking view of the gulf inside of Naples; Others would still think of the danger represented by Vesuvius, as it is a volcano still active and therefore at risk of eruptions.

But are you sure Vesuvius is just this?
Only in the mind of very few people the word Vesuvius would conjure up two ancient stories, alluding to a "still unknown" face of this fascinating volcano, that is, so to speak, economic-productive. One tells that Lucifer, an evil angel, stole a piece of Paradise and brought it to Earth, thus forming the wonderful Gulf of Naples; To discover this theft Jesus mourned, wept, and his tears fell on Mount Vesuvius; from these tears were born the vines from which he was born and still a very delicious wine: the so-called "Lacryma Christi". The other legend says, however, that the inhabitants of Thessaly, in the region of ancient Greece, planted the first vines on Mount Vesuvius already in the late V century. B.C. And that forever Bacco, god of wine, would love the slopes of the volcanic mountain for his fine wine. Both legends show that ever since ancient times the lazy, dark and porous soil, which requires little water, the Vesuvio slopes was a perfect cradle for viticulture (all auctoctone vines and hence only found in this area) and therefore The production of wine.

Now that you know, do not you want to miss the taste of this extra gift of Vesuvius? No fear: The Naples Tour Service offers to all its customers the opportunity to organize a "Vesuvius wine tour": you will visit the best wine-growing companies in the country, where wine production is now a family tradition and is therefore carried out strictly biologically, According to the "grandparents recipe", ie fertilizing the volcanic soil only with natural fertilizers and treating the grapes only with copper and sulfur. After the guided tour of the vineyard and the cellar, there will be the wine tasting of the Vesuvio wines produced on the farm from their grapes, including the "Lacryma Christi" white (produced with "Caprettone" grapes), "Lacryma Christi "Rosé or red (produced with the" Piedirosso "grape) which, if you like, will also accompany the tasting of local dishes and products (" wine and food "menu).

Have you just returned from the "Vesuvius walking tour" with the Naples Tour Service? Have you already booked a half-day excursion with the Naples Tour Service at Pompei's excavations, such as "Di domus in domus" Are you on holiday in Naples or Sorrento or on the Amalfi Coast? Does your cruise take a break in the port of Naples? Do not waste time: you are already in the right position to book a "Vesuvius wine tour" with the Naples Tour Service! The only thing you need to do is contact us by phone or mail and let us know your programs, your wishes and your needs (date, departure point, time etc.). Then we think for the rest

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