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Someone might thing if you visit one of this sites you seen it all, this is completely false. Take the chance to see why they are wrong.
The combination of two archaeological sites like Pompeii and Herculaneum is an opportunity to do a kind of tour unique in the world.
You can observe how the two cities, both founded by one of the Italic peoples, called Oscan, they became two commercial normal cities, but of a significant importance to the major cities of the Roman Empire.
Important but for different reasons, Pompeii because it strengthened what was his prerogative becoming an important commercial center of the Vesuvius area, being the meeting point of main roads.
Herculaneum instead, because it became the city of rest and resort of wealthy Romans and important families. These differences are highlighted by the internal structure and composition of the houses of the two cities, in Herculaneum admire the interior, luxury and fine in almost all the houses, and we can imagine that they belonged to the rich and noble families, as the home of the Bicentennial the Samnite house. With Pompeii instead we see that the vast majority of homes was in common use, and it was not luxurious interior and it was not valuables.

These two cities, although very different for several reasons, are united by an event that has made known to the world, and made them become the center of two major archaeological sites, this event is it been the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius. Two ancient cities which, thanks to accurate excavation works and years of study that experts have dedicated and still are dedicating now are accessible to all and allow us to make an incredible journey through history. It is a wonderful experience to do.


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