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The Amalfi Coast never ceases to amaze, enchant and let its visitors breathless: where one can admire a typically Nordic and Scandinavian element in a genuinely Mediterranean landscape?
Only in Furore, a characteristic hamlet of the Amalfi Coast. Here, in fact, a narrow arm of the sea creeps inside a deep split of the mountain (created by the constant work of the Schiato River), creating a small fjord in the middle of the Mediterranean vegetation: a unique spectacle in the world, almost fairy-tale, capable of let even the most assiduous and experienced travelers get excited!
The water mirror enclosed between the two rocky walls is crystalline and has shades of fantastic colors that sometimes resemble the blue sky and sometimes the greenery of the vegetation that covers the mountains: it will be an unforgettable experience to swim and snorkel in Clear fjord of the Furore.
The wonders of this corner of the Amalfi Coast are not over: in the small flap of land in front of the sea there is a beach where you can rent sunbeds and cool off with a cold drink and a seaside village formed by fishermen's lodges ( Nowadays uninhabited), a small church in the rock dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria (patron saint of the mugnai), three mills, the old paper mill, the ancient "spandituro" (a building where it once lay and began to dry the newly produced paper ), which is now home to the "Ecomuseum", a museum dedicated to Amalfi's agriculture and finally the "Monazzeno", a home where the Italian actress Anna Magnani lived with his partner, director Roberto Rossellini and Today a small museum dedicated to her has been set up.
The Fjord of Furore is important both for the history of Italian cinema, because in his marina village, Roberto Rossellini filmed the episode "Miracle" of his film "L'amore" in which the main protagonist was his lover Anna Magnani.
Both for Italian sports, since it hosts the "Marmeeting" event every year in July: from the bridge crossing the Fjord, connecting the two rocky walls between which the sea is creeping, they run in a race of diving athletes from all over the world .Furore Fjord can be reached by car along the state road 163 up to the 23 km, or at the height of the bridge that crosses the Fjord itself; From this point on, you have to walk on foot along a staircase of about 100 steps leading down to the small seaside village and then to the beach and to the sea.
The excursion to the Fjord takes half day or it can be turned in a full day combining with it some other places along the coastline and is preferable if you want to enjoy the sun, make it in the morning.

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