Founded in Etruscan time, and called Galatia, it is located in north of Naples, has always been an area desired by all the people who over the time have dominated this part of the Campania Region. In the 12th century it became the county under the domination of Roger the Norman, it was beginning of a successful period, witness are the parsonage and the bishop’s palace, which together with other existing buildings form Market Square, which was the heart of commerce, and all social activities of the city. The city continued to grow, passing under the dominion the Swabians, the Angevins and the Aragonese. But in 1656 a devastating epidemic struck the city drastically decimating the population, and therefore the economy suffered. The Bourbons arrived in Caserta in the 16th century and, the city enjoyed a golden age, the creation of many great works of architecture, that still today, Caserta is considered one of the most important cities of southern Italy. King Charles III of Bourbon decided to build his Royal Palace in Caserta, to keep up the prestige of the royal house. He contributed to the creation of drawings with the architect who was commissioned to the realization of the royal palace, Luigi Vanvitelli. The construction will becompleted during the reign of Ferdinand IV, and thanks to him that Caserta became an important center of state affairs of the King of Naples. Caserta also was a city of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, but it was also wanted by the Savoy family, who defeated the Bourbons at the Battle of the Volturno, making it part of the kingdom of Sardinia. The importance of Caserta and the fame is due to the great sense of tradition that still surrounds the town of Caserta Vecchia transmits, to the beauty and majesty of the Palace and its beautiful gardens, and the refinement of the silk of S. Leucio, which is among the finest in Europe, enough to cover the walls of many important buildings such as the Quirinal, in the Oval Office of the White House U.S., the flags also the flags at Buckingham Palace are made with this silk. The aristocracy joined with the industriousness of the people do so that Caserta inspires fascination and curiosity in people who come to visit.

Tour Caserta Royal Palace

  • Tour Caserta Royal Palace
  • Tour Caserta Royal Palace
  • Tour Caserta Royal Palace

Caserta, located north of Naples aprox 40 minutes driving distance and even today Caserta it is a plain extraordinary fertile and until 1750 was just a little village then in ..

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